Made specially for the House of Mirò, the exhibitors are offered every morning: dishes, croissants, freshly baked croissants, cereals – cornflakes and chocolate -, various yogurt, sliced ​​bread, fresh fruit of our vegetable garden, jams, So many jams and various creams. There is also lack of milk, fresh water, juices, coffee and tea. Also available to guests, regardless of breakfast, there is a microwave, juicer for fresh oranges, espresso machine and kettle: an extra cuddle for B & B guests is in fact the ability to prepare , Freely at any time, coffee, available in waffles, tea, chamomile. In the small table fridge available to the guests, in the dining room, there are bottles of half a liter of mineral water, always fresh.
For those who need it, it is also possible to agree on the use of the kitchen of La Casa di Mirò. But not only: the structure also has a wood-burning oven and a BBQ, the use of which is always agreed upon.