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The Bed & Breakfast is located in the south of Catanzaro and is about 700 meters from the sea and because of the centrality of its location in Calabria, it can be an excellent point of reference for those who want to travel long and far to discover the region. Of places to visit, already in the territory of Catanzarese, are not lacking, if you also want to visit other provinces, then there is no embarrassment of choice.

Two steps away
Close by, a few miles away, you will find the University Hospital, the Regional Citadel, and less than one multifunctional area or Arena Magna Graecia.
At Giovino, in the Catanzaro marina district, there is the largest multifunctional sports center in the province with indoor swimming pool, multifunctional building, bodybuilding room, sports field with outdoor athletic track.
Also in the marina district there is another large park, the Gaslini, with numerous games designed for the little ones and sports grounds.
The greatest attraction of Catanzaro lido is, above all, the majestic city promenade, whose parapet is characterized by its length from the mosaic work of Architect Alessandro Mendini: about 4 kilometers of stroll and cycle path lead to a ‘End to the other end of the neighborhood, passing through the brand new Harbor, giving breathtaking views.
In the historical center of Catanzaro, however, you can visit the Teatro Politeama which each year has interesting theatrical seasons, take a walk among the small and suggestive streets of the village, follow the path of the historic seventeen churches, visit the ancient prison, today Complex Monumental San Giovanni, which houses exhibitions of contemporary and modern art.
At the northern entrance of the city is also its green lung, the Park of Mediterranean Biodiversity, which hosts numerous exhibitions, together with the International Sculpture Park and Musmi Historical Museum Musmi.
Numerous museums can also be visited in Catanzaro: the Provincial Numismatic Museum, located in another green lung, Villa Margherita; The House of Memory – Mimmo Rotella house; The Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art; The Carriage Museum. The most important, however, is the Museum of Contemporary Art Marca, which, thanks to its imposing exhibitions, invites artists, fans and critics from all over the world.
In Roccelletta di Borgia, less than one kilometer from the B & B is the largest archaeological park in Calabria, Scolacium: discovered in an ancient olive grove, the settlement is of Greek origin, but most of the finds testify to the existence of a Next and rich Roman city, with amphitheater, necropolis and hole. Especially in the summer months, the Park, which stands at the foot of an imposing Norman basilica, is also used as a background for cultural events and concerts. In the area there is also the Regional Superintendence for Cultural Heritage and the Museum of the Scolacium Park.
Coming to the south, just after the Borgia territory, there is Squillace, the many workshops of knotted ceramists and the ruins of the Norman castle, the seat of the first university, the Vivarium, founded by Cassiodorus, a Roman politician, literate and historian; While soon after it is located Copanello, with its gorgeous rocks overlooking the sea and the bay with crystal clear waters.

A little further on
Twenty minutes from La Casa di Mirò you can reach another famous resort, Soverato. Continuing along the coast, you cross historic centers of importance on the heights near the sea like Badolato, Caulonia, Stilo, Gerace and Locri. On the other side, beyond Catanzaro, north, less than an hour you can visit Isola Capo Rizzuto, with Le Castella, and Capo Colonna as well as Crotone, the city of philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. Continuing along the Ionian River, there are places like Rossano, with Codex Purpureus Rossanensis, a sixth century manuscript, one of the oldest in the New Testament, Sibari with its imposing archaeological park, Roseto Capo Spulico with its peak castle on the sea.
At less than an hour’s drive, moving to the center of the region, you can reach Presila, or Sila piccolo Catanzarese: it is the lowest part of Sila, the mountainous area of ​​150,000 acres that occupies the center- Northern Calabria, crossing also the provinces of Cosenza and Crotone, endowed with unique natural resources, a real natural heritage represented by the National Park of Sila. In the mountainous area of ​​Vibonese, at an hour from the B & B, is located Serra San Bruno, the center surrounded by greenery that Bruno di Cologne chose as a hermitage in the I century.
As far as the Tyrrhenian side is concerned, just under two hours from La Casa di Mirò can be reached in Reggio Calabria, where the National Archaeological Museum is home to the Bronze of Riace, the famous statues dating back to the 5th century. Considered among the most significant sculptural masterpieces of Greek art. After Scilla, climbing along the Coast of the gods, meet the famous tourist destinations of Capo Vaticano, Tropea and Pizzo, with their crystal clear sea and white sand beaches. Continuing north, passing through Lamezia Terme, you arrive briefly to Amantea, then Paola, where is the largest sanctuary of Calabria, the one dedicated to St. Francis, protector of the region, before reaching other places with breathtaking sea views as Diamond and Praia.
At an hour and a half from Catanzaro, you arrive at Villa San Giovanni, from where you can catch ferries that from Calabria take you to beautiful Sicily.